Naiyang Beach

Naiyang Beach

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Naiyang Beach is one of those out-of-the-beaten-tracks beaches little known from first-timers, but very popular with returning travellers. Beautiful, shaded, and full of tiny fun bars and restaurants, Nai Yang remains relatively peaceful, like most of the northern beaches of Phuket, because they are not along the main roads. With a vast beach, a shallow sea, and a lot of trees to provide shade, this place has not been overly developed and has kept a bit of its old Phuket atmosphere.

Across the tiny street that runs parallel to the beach, you’ll find the inevitable tailor, a mini-mart, and a diving shop, and a few shops selling batik clothing and beach toys. Like on any beach of Phuket, a little group of ladies stands-by chit-chatting all day, waiting for the opportunity to give you a beach massage. Overall there are no particular attractions around except for the controversial plane spotting, so take it easy and enjoy the beach and the local food!

Because Naiyang Beach is just next to the Sirinath National Park, locals love to spend the weekend picnicking and drinking under the trees while the kids play in the sea. Note that to enter the Sirinath National Park, there might be a 40 baht park fee; on some days, you can simply drive-in. Sirinat Park is not very big and has no particular signs making it worth travelling to, but at least it prevented hotels to build on the beachfront, except for a couple of tiny local ones that probably took their chances and did it anyway.