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Managing Your Listing (Owners)

How do I create an account?

You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account, or Apple ID. Signing up and creating a Get Trip On account is free.

After you sign up, be sure to complete your account before writing and submitting review.

How do I edit my account settings or profile?

You can edit the information, such as your main profile photo or email address, from your account settings.

What is a claimed business?

An owner, manager or other representative of a particular business listed on Get Trip On can “claim" their property in order to start managing their listing.

Once an owner or manager has claimed their business and verified their identity, they can update all information.

Claiming is free and has no impact on the rating or Popularity Ranking.

How can I report that my restaurant or attraction was temporarily closed?

We understand that some businesses might be temporarily closed and this information should be delivered to the travelers. 

If your business will be temporarily closed, please report it by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your Dashboard 
  2. From the top bar select «Edit» then click on Business Hours
  3. Toggle the selector closed 
  4. Click Submit

You can return to your Dashboard at any time to update the dates or toggle the notice off. The notice should be visible on your listing in a few hours, but may take up to 24 hours. The temporarily closed message cannot be customized. However, you may add custom messaging to your business description.

Listing Guidelines

What kind of places does Get Trip On list?

Get Trip On lists permanent places of interest to travelers. Once we can confirm that a business or place of interest sticks to our guidelines, we will add it to our site.

To view our listing guidelines, select the type of place you are interested in:

  • Food&drinks (restaurant, coffee shop, clubs, bakeries, bar&pubs, Michelin restaurants)  
  • Event 
  • Things to do ( Beaches, attraction, view points, parks, museums, waterparks, zoos, aquariums, waterfall, tour operators, travel agencies, individuals, or businesses that operate tours, activities can get listed,beauty&spa, shopping, car&bike rent, accommodation )
  • Experts

Note: We do NOT currently list online booking sites.

What is a listing?

A listing is a place or business’s page on Get Trip On. It includes the location’s Popularity Ranking, traveler ratings, reviews, photos, travel guides, planer. This page may also include any information provided by the company: Management Photos and Management Responses to traveler reviews.

Everyone is welcome to request a new listing for a food&drinks, events, services, places, tours or adventures — and it’s free!

How do I request that a place or business be added to Get Trip On?

We are always looking to add new listings on Get Trip On! If you cannot find the business, you are looking for, please tell us more about it.

  • If you are a traveler, business representative of a food&drinks, an events or tours, add a Things to do to Get Trip On.
  • If you are an individual tour guide or a business representative of a tour operator, travel agency, or business that offers activities, classes, or gear rentals, please join Get Trip On Experts.

Content Guidelines

Get Trip On’s Content Policy

We truly appreciate your comments and reviews. This is a real endowment to our web site! Our goal is to make Get Trip On a reliable source for travelers and experts. In order to help us with it and to make your experience in publishing your content, please make sure you are following rules below:

Family Friendly

Get Trip On was developed as a safe and family-friendly site. In that case we don’t allow desecration or/and vulgarities here.  We will not allow to publish and will remove sexually explicit comments, factional language, any threats, or personal insults. Any content related to first-hand participation in or advocates for illegal activities will be removed. Any graphic descriptions of death, injuries or violent criminal acts will not be posted. We only allow travelers 13 years old up to publish on our web site. 


Give us your own opinion, tip or advice. Please make sure there is no plagiarism. There should not be any extensive quoted material from other sources. Any information taken from other websites, reviewers, property owners, emails, or printed materials will be removed.


We do not appreciate any content offered in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts, services, or money. Please note that this kind of content will be removed.  We reserve the right to reject any URL for any reason without explanation.


Please make sure that published information is relevant and helpful to travelers. Get Trip On does not allow intolerant content for individuals or groups of people based on their race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or nationality.  Content encouraging a boycott or smear campaign of a property will be removed.

Respectful of Privacy  

We respect your privacy and the privacy of the listed businesses. We appreciate your comments and experience but please keep personal or exclusive information unposted. Content with personal financial information, including credit card numbers, loyalty rewards numbers, or other financial information can be removed. This includes both the reviewer’s information and the information of others.

Please do not disclose door codes or passwords of any kind. We only allow names to be published to our site. This includes the last names of employees or owners associated with the properties listed on Get Trip On.

Easy to Read

In order for other travelers and users to be able to read your content, please use correct alphabet for any language you are using and try to avoid machine translations that can make your review hard to read.

Listed by Get Trip On

Any content must associate directly with the property to which it is submitted, so please ensure you are adding your comments to the correct listing on Get Trip On.  In case you post content to a specific listing on our site it must be for a food & drink, event, places, tours, services or adventures that meets our listing requirements.

Our guidelines for traveler reviews

We truly appreciate your comments and reviews and we like when you interact with fellow travelers. Our goal is to make Get Trip On a reliable source for travelers and experts. In order to help us with it and to make your experience in publishing your content, please make sure you are following Get Trip On’s Content Policy  and rules below:


We want to keep our content freshly updated. Please share your experiences that occurred within the past year.


We do not allow any comments that contain links or content solely included for promotional purposes.


Make your reviews relevant and helpful to travelers – keep in mind they are reading your review to understand what to expect from the business you are commenting about. Please don’t include any personal opinions about politics, ethics, religion or wider social issues. 


Impartial advice is an important part of a good review. We don’t allow business owners or individuals affiliated with a property to post reviews of their business or competing establishments. Reviews submitted in order to blackmail a listing will not be published. If you suspect a review is fake or doesn’t meet Get Trip On’s posting guidelines, you can use the “Report Review” feature located at the bottom of each review.


We and our community wants to hear about your personal experience. This means we don’t appreciate any second-hand information, rumors, or quotations from other sources. 

Easy to Read

We have a required character count for reviews — fill up the space with details about your trip and and do not include extra characters or spaces.   – не уверена, что это надо

Listed by Get Trip On

Any content must associate directly with the property to which it is submitted, so please ensure you are adding your comments to the correct listing on Get Trip On.  

Video Guidelines

All posted videos must meet following requirements:

Family Friendly

We are not welcoming any videos, images, or materials that are vulgar, pornographic, obscene, profane, illegal, offensive, insulting, objectionable or those containing other content that is not appropriate for our community. Only travelers and users 13 years old and above are able to post videos. 

Original/ Privacy-GDPR

No videos from other sources as well as videos that infringe on any copyright, trademark, or other legal property rights are allowed to be posted. It is your own responsibility and duty to secure the permission to use the image of any individuals identifiable in the video.

Relevant to other travelers

All videos must have relevance to posted content or to tour experience in general.


Please make sure your videos are naturally informational. We do allow you to post your videos with logos and contact information, they should not take up the entirety of the video. Videos with advertising deals, offers or special privileges in it would not be published.

Video Quality

Your videos must be easy to watch. No blurry, dark, sideways or otherwise difficult-to-view videos will be accepted.

We use youtube links for video.

Photo Guidelines

Family Friendly

We don’t allow desecration or/and vulgarities here.  We reject photos that include graphic violence or contain other content that is not appropriate for our community.


No images or videos from other sources are allowed for publishing. No images or videos that infringe on any copyright, trademark, or other legal property rights are welcomed here.


We do not allow you to post your photos with logos, promotional materials or any other content intended for commercial purposes. 

Respectful of Privacy

We respect your privacy and the privacy of the listed  businesses. We don’t accept photos from the locations where photography is prohibited. We will remove photos of other travelers or property staff upon request.

Listed by Get Trip On

Photos must associate directly with the property to which it is submitted, so please ensure you are adding your pictures to the correct listing on Get Trip On.  

Safe Files

Media files must not be contaminated or infected with a virus or any other corruption that is either intended to damage or may result in damage to the computers and systems of Get Trip On and/or those using it.

Photo & Video Quality

Please submit quality content to assist other users.

Photos should not:

  • be blurry, dark or otherwise difficult to view.
  • be altered in any way that distorts the scene being depicted.
  • be upside down or sideways.  Please rotate photos in our photo uploader if they are sideways.

Additional guidance specific to photos:

  • Photos should not exceed 10 MB in size.
  • Photos must be in .gif, .jpg, .bmp, or .png format.
  • Photo landscape layout (wider than tall) will generally look better than portrait layout (more tall than wide). We recommend a photos aspect ratio between 1:1 and 4:3.
  • Photos will be scaled to fit the standard display boxes on our site.

Responding to Reviews (Owners)

What constitutes a first-hand traveler review?

We allow to post personal review about the experience on services or facilities listed on our site. General discussion on other topics will not be posted. In addition:

  • No second-hand information or hearsay (unverified information, rumors, or quotations from other sources or the reported opinions/experience of others).
  • No reviews written by ownership, property or chain that the property belongs; including past employees, volunteers or anyone associated with/related to employees of property or chain of properties in question.
  • No reviews written by vendors.
    Individuals affiliated with a restaurant or property may not review other properties of the same type (events, places, services, tours or adventures) within the same city or town, or within 10 miles of that property.
  • No ratings or comments about aspects of a business or events you did not experience.

Notification Owner Response Guidelines

  • Family Friendly: No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech or other non-family-friendly content. No graphic reports of violent criminal activity or reports of first-hand participation in illegal activity.
  •         Unique and independent: We allow one response per notification. Please assign only one person to respond to the notification.
  •         Original: No quoted material from other sources and no material published elsewhere. This includes correspondence from a guest or other third party.
  •         Professional: They are read by general Get Trip On users, and therefore should be written in a manner that is representative of the customer service policies of your business.
  •         Relevant to all Get Trip On users: Please do not post a response that includes content irrelevant to the review. No personal insults or irrelevant comments of a personal nature. No accusations of review fraud. No responses directed to Get Trip Op staff or commenting about Get Trip On policies. Owner responses must be based on first-hand experiences of management or their staff members.
  •         Respectful of Personal Privacy: Personal information of any person, including names, addresses, phone numbers or other information that may be used to identify an individual is prohibited.
  •         Non-Commercial: No promotional material of any kind, including incentives for guests to visit your property, loyalty programs and URLs that are irrelevant to the review in question. We reserve the right to reject any URL.
  •         Easy to read: No HTML tags and no excessive ALL CAPS, slang, formatting issues, repeated text, or typographic symbols. Use the correct alphabet for the language in which you are writing. Do not transliterate into another alphabet. Machine translated management responses that are unreadable or incomprehensible will not be accepted. We will reject management responses written in two languages.

If your response complies with these guidelines, it will typically be published within forty-eight hours you will receive notification.

Can I ask my guests to write reviews?

Sure! It is very important to let your guests know that you care about their feedback and improving your business.